About The Production Designer

Peter Melville is a visual artist and the resident company designer for Yu Dance Theatre. He has exhibited visual artwork in the US including Group Material’s Subway Project (NYC), and internationally in Canada, Germany and Japan.  He has created post-modern dance, experimental theater designs and installations for: Dia Art Foundation’s Robert Whitman Theater Project (1980-84), The Wooster Group-Beatrice Roth, Doug Varone, Whitney Museum at Philip Morris: (Rachael Rosenthal & The Wooster Group) Lance Gries, The Beijing Modern Dance Co., The Creative Society (Taipei), Marianne Kim. In 2009 he designed David Roussève’s dance theater touring project “Saudade”. Melville has created exhibition designs, including for the Whitney Museum of Art- “Blam- 1959-64”, and the New York Food Museum’s acclaimed “School Lunch Exhibit”.  From 1989 to ’01, he was the Director of Technical Production at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Performing Arts Institute.  In recent years he taught at UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance in Los Angeles, and is currently visual art faculty at the Crossroads School in Santa Monica California.  Artist residencies include Art On the Beach NYC, Armory Center for the Art Pasadena, Santa Monica Environmental Services SMARTS Program.   He holds an MFA from CUNY Hunter College.



纽约市立大学韩特学院(Hunter College)艺术硕士, 加拿大蒙特楼. 康克尔迪亚大学艺术学士。梅尔维尔的艺术作品以多材质,多媒体,运用强烈的概念结构和厉史参照,传达精练和敏锐的怆作过程和技巧。 他曾在加拿大, 美国,德国,日本等地展出艺术作品。

25年来,梅尔维尔在纽约市从事舞蹈剧场的设计,致力于探究舞台设计和雕塑间的共通性。 他是纽约大学迪殊学院15年来剧场设计系技术训练部门的总监,也曾是迪亚艺术基金会(Dia Art Foundation),罗伯.惠特尼(Robert Whitman)实验剧场5年的团员,设计兼技术指导。